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Narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder which can be defined as increased need of patients for admiration and exaggerated level of their own importance. Narcissistic people think they are superior to other people and pay no attention to other people's needs and feelings. On the other hand, these patients are highly sensitive to even slightest criticism of any kind.

Narcissistic personality disorder belongs to a group of personal disorders. The general problem of personality disorders is related to improper behavior of patients which consequently results in malfunction in relationships and other areas of patients' lives. Psychotherapy is necessary for these patients and is the cornerstone of the therapy.

Characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

This personality disorder features with severely changed behavior which may sometimes become antisocial.

Majority of features and symptoms of this disorder are connected to huge confidence and strong self-esteem. The narcissistic person always crosses the border of healthy level of confidence and self-esteem and considers himself/herself divine. On the other hand, normal and healthy people possess appropriate level of confidence and self-esteem and they tend not to overvalue themselves comparing to other people.

Narcissistic people are commonly pretentious, boastful and conceited. They look down on people as if other people are inferior. In case they are not treated as they expect they may even become rather impatient, angry and unpleasant. Narcissistic people always require to have 'the best' of everything since they 'are entitled' to all the best things possible.

Even though these people appear strong they are actually pretty fragile. The major problem is connected to criticism. They simple cannot bear being criticized. Narcissistic people cannot tolerate and deal with criticism and they only feel shame and humiliation. What is more narcissists may even develop rage and contempt for people who 'dare' to criticize them.

Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Psychotherapy is what is applied in case of narcissism. There are no medications which can deal with this personality disorder. Medications can be only administered if a person is also suffering from depression, anxiety and other conditions whose symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated by certain drugs.

Narcissistic personality disorder can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and group therapy. Cognitive therapy can help with replacement of unhealthy behavior with a healthy one. Family therapy is good and it may help with conflicts and problems with communication. It may also be efficient with the underlying causes of narcissism. And finally, group therapy may help people with similar condition and teach them to relate better with other people. Group therapy is good since people have to listen to others and learn about other people's feelings and needs. Furthermore, group therapy offers great support.

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