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Romantic love is the emotion of fondness and personal attachment. It involves a wide range of the feelings such as pleasure, attraction, sexual attraction and commitment. It is one of the most pleasing emotions that make people healthier, happier and socially more active. People in love usually seem more confident and more beautiful. A feeling of love leads to more caring, intimate and passionate relationships.Signs and symptoms of love

There are a couple of obvious signs that may help indicate if one is in love. Signs are visibly seen in the person while the symptoms are subjective perception of joy and harmony.

For person in love, world may seem to suddenly become a better place. It is the very same world one already gets used to, but the perception of it changes. Boost in self confidence and happiness will help one to face the world, together with its problems, in a more joyful and carefree way.

Hours of intense daydreaming about the person may often seem like minutes. On the other hand, the absence of person may seem longer than it really is.

People in love often see their significant other as flawless. When the time passes ant that initial stage of being in love disappears, the other may show less perfect than in the beginning. In true love, these flaws are also accepted together with compromises that build a healthy relationship.

Deep sense of sharing is common for people in love. They would gladly share all of their possessions with partner and often compromise their own needs just to please the other. Otherwise, their happiness is not complete.

True lovers never get bored of each others. Even after several years of relationship they won’t go out of words or become tired of listening to one another. They constantly keep amusing each others.Maintaining a healthy relationship

A long term relationship is not easy to maintain. It takes a lot of love, compromise and understanding to achieve it. Deep and meaningful relationship calls for communication. Partners should always try to solve problems together and no matter what preserve open and honest communication.

Partners should try to stay physical as much as possible. Small touches, kisses and hugs will prolong the initial feeling of carefree love.

When it comes to arguing, it should be accepted as a normal part of human relationships. Partners should make sure not to become over-emotional. Insults, curses and old issues won’t help maintaining a healthy relationship. Partners should deal with their issues in a caring way.

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