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A Fact or Two about Narcissism

Narcissists are people who suffer froma personality disorder. Namely, they are pathologically selfcentered, and cannot accept themselves as people making mistakes ornot being right in any respect. They perceive the world from theirown perspective only, not reacting to the feelings of others, nor onanything but themselves. This is why many psychiatrists considernarcissists a group of patients the hardest to deal with. If you wantto learn something more about this disorder, read the following linesand learn how to recognize a narcissist as well as how is thispersonality issue treated successfully.

A Narcissist Described Briefly

People suffering from narcissism firstare perceived as unable to care for what other people think, letalone listen to them. Thus, they have little tolerance orunderstanding for deadlines set by other people or interests whichsome other individuals might have, which do not coincide with thoseof a narcissist.

They are incapable of forming true,loving relationships with their partners. Rather, they often remaincold and self-centered. Whenever accused of doing something wrong,these people are unwilling to confess, let alone accept their guilt.They simply blame it on someone else, even though there is a clearevidence of their own wrong doing.

Another basic trait of a narcissist isa tendency to burst in anger. Thus, they might end theirrelationships with friends or partners over one mistake or amisunderstanding of sorts. If these people have children they arehighly competitive towards other parents and desire for theirchildren to be the best in all aspects, controlling their livescompletely.

How to Live With a Narcissist

In order to avoid conflicts andcompetition, make sure you instruct a narcissistic person close toyou about all your mutual goals and organize patterns to theirrealizations. Do not suffer next to a narcissist if his/her presencemakes you frustrated. Rather, leave this person and face the facts.Avoid arguments with these people by establishing topics which youwill never talk about, topics which you know are pointless to beginan argument with a narcissist in the first place.

Bear in mind that people who are 100%narcissists will not be able to change, ever. So, accept them as theyare and do not raise your hopes high. Develop a behavioral tactic fornarcissists around you and never cross the boundaries you have set.

Finally, if you happen to have aco-worker who is a narcissist, make sure you provide him/her support,not challenging this person in any way. Praising him/her will alsoprove to be very good for your relationship since, as long as anarcissist is assured you consider him/her the best, he/she will behappy and satisfied.

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