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Early stages of relationships are the most important in relationship development. Besides, being the most joyful period of love and excitement, it is a stage where both partners should make efforts to build healthy patterns and a solid foundation for future understanding.

Setting the foundation

The healthy and joyful relationship should be built on mutual appreciation and respect. Both partners should learn to concentrate on good thinks and try to overlook small mistakes their partner has made. It is important to stay active and explore new things together. Another important thing to learn at the beginning of the relationship is how to say “I’m sorry”. The pattern of apologizing will add to mutual trust and help healing a rift in a relationship.However, relationships change. Many changes in life affect the relationship and from time to time, it would be good to check in with each other on changing expectations and goals. Mutual communication and understanding are vital. Avoiding a conversation, how difficult it may be, may eventually ruin the relationship.

Arising conflicts

Disagreements and conflicts among partners are normal thing. Furthermore, if partners resolve their disagreements constructively, they could truly reinforce the relationship. To resolve a conflict in a proper way, partners should consider the other’s perspective and try to determine real sources of their problems. Again, open and honest communication is extremely important.

How to act when conflict arises

To resolve frequent conflicts properly, partners may try to understand each others family patterns. It is not unusual to discover significant variances in the ways of expressing anger and resolving issues in different families. Partners may find out that their inherited patterns of resolving conflicts are not constructive, and may want to try out some new ways of conflict management.

Partners should also learn to cool-off before trying to resolve an issue. The time-out period will help to clarify the goals and crucial changes as well as to avoid impulsive behavior.

Both partners should try to establish an atmosphere of emotional support and accept the other partner’s differences. Setting the absolute criteria for other partner’s behavior is one of the crucial mistakes that may ruin the relationship. Clarifying the messages will help to describe one partner’s wants and demands more clearly.

When it comes to discussion, partners should try to resolve one issue at a time and really listen to each other. Partners should focus on what the other is saying and should not interrupt each others. Healthy couples will fight, but their fights are going to be fair. This means that in healthy relationships each partner accepts the responsibility for their part in the problem admits when they are wrong and search for compromise solution.

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