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Rejection and Lack of Passion

Relationships are based onlove, passion, understanding, common interests and desires and so on. Therefore, any lack of these qualities can make a person feelrejected, while still being in a relationship. Whether it ispostponement of the intercourse or reluctance to spend time together, these actions can trigger loneliness andlack of understanding in a relationship possibly leading tothe end of it.

Doctors, being faced with anever-increasing number of couples in need of relationship advice and with the constant rise of dysfunctional relationships, always suggestthat sex should not be glorified. Rather, the focus should be placedupon the very act of closeness between partners.

The Problem is Estrangement

Basically, nothing can last forever ifyou do not try and make it last. The same goes for relationships.They need constant maintenance. Ignoring your partner's desires willeventually lead to estrangement on both sides. Once this bond islost, there can hardly be a way back. Many couples, over the courseof years, have completely neglected romance in their relationships.Rather, they indulge into sex only for the purpose of pleasure, oreven stress relief. This is a wrong approach since, thisway, the only thing bonding two people is something physical, whichcan hardly be enough.

Interestingly, a person may think thathe/she knows all about his/her partner, being bored because of thisfact, feeling that they have reached the peak of their relationship,losing interest in their once beloved life companion. Moreover, oftenthey meet someone else, feeling that they have more in common withthese people than with their own partners such as having the same favorite movie orsomething else. However while they areamazed by the things they have in common with the people they have acrush on, they forget that they never managed to discover all they have in common with their partners and that they do not even know which the favorite movie of their partner is.

Surely, work takes life out of peopleand may force couples to meet only in bed, tired and self-centered.However, then, something needs to be done.

The Solution

You need to remember that sex is noteverything. If one of the partners is not in the mood for it, dosomething else. You may watch the TV together, play cards, go for a walk, go for a drink or leadgood old conversations for a change. Remember the happy days, whenthe two of you first met, recalling all the emotions, the thrills,the shyness, remember the first time you kissed, the first time you went on vacation etc.

Also, introduce fresh surprises in yourrelationship. Do not be swallowed by the routine. If sex is boring,make it more interesting. Talk about it and improve it. Of course,you need to have it in order to modify it and enhance the experienceyou get from it. Thus, be creative and do not give up on your relationship.

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