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Erectile Dysfunction, From a DifferentAngle

There are men who have to face thecruel reality of being impotent. This state of affairs can triggermany changes in their behavior, making their relationships different,as well as their own personalities. Usually, men with erectileproblems tend to avoid sexual intercourse in various ways. Theyignore their wives during acts of intimacy, they skip caressing orany other signs of sex or foreplay of any kind or they do other,similar things.

Also, only a small percent of impotentmales admits that they have a problem. A majority of these peopleonly ignore it day by day, until they have to face the women in theirlives and, in most cases, get abandoned due to the greatmisunderstanding they have created.

From a Woman's Point of View

The above mentioned ignoring of thesexual act and its very avoidance, can be perceived quite negative bythe other side. A woman, while noticing the coldness and the lack ofintimacy coming from their partners may think that he is having anaffair, that he is ill, or that he is trying to leave her. This cangive birth to many other problems and worries. A woman who suspectsthat her husband is cheating on her may be extremely jealous and makescenes. On the other hand, women who think that the man has lost hisinterest in them may act first and leave this individual rather thanbeing left behind themselves.

Either way, there is a lack ofcommunication, making this whole set of affairs worse.

There are cases where men admit thatthey have a problem. Then, they are usually directed to medicaltreatment. The important step can be taken by both the man and thewomen, attending counseling or therapy together or the man alone,dealing with his problem.

Interestingly enough, some women mayaccept the lack of sex positively, since they never actually likedthe intercourse with their men that much. This, again, can lead toself-judgment as well as other personal problems.

Of course, it is important for everywoman experiencing this to accept her impotent man, provide supportand understanding and try to find a solution together. Visiting thedoctor together can be excellent since then, there, both partners canhave their say, helping the doctor realize where the problem lies. Inthe meantime, there are many medications which can help you with yourproblem.

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