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Personality and Sex

Sexual intercourse and sexuality itselfare parts of our lives which demand a plethora of different emotions.We express our personalities, emotions, traits and many differentbehaviors during sex. Also, our attitude towards sex and our veryperception of it can be a mirror of our personality and character.

Thus, this factor is usually veryimportant in diagnosing behavioral problems and personality disorders.Different patients in this area show different attitudes towards sex.

Personality Disorders and Sex

For people who are paranoid, sex isquite an impersonal act. They depersonalize their partners andimagine them not to be human at all. They use sex for anxiety reliefand perceive it as a defense breach into other people's territory andvice-versa.

Next are people with avoidantpersonality disorder and those with schizoid personality disorder.They usually restrain themselves from sex, not wanting to haveanything with it, nor with other people. Being asocial in the verycore of their behavior, schizoid people desire to be alone, have nointerest in the rest of the society and enjoy their ways of life morethan anything sex can offer them. Moreover, they do not wantrelationships with other people. Avoidant personality affects peopledifferently. These people are afraid that other people will criticizethem for their personality issues and that they will be rejected.Thus, they prefer the safety of avoidance, not wanting to haveanything with other people, let alone sex.

On the contrary, histrionics, which areusually women, are overly seductive. They give their best to attractother people, are very flirtatious and a bit narcissistic. Theyusually indulge into multiply sexual intercourse cases and have manypartners.

Narcissists and psychopaths react thesame, regarding the will to attract others and change many partners.However, while histrionics do this with emotions and desires,narcissists and psychopaths are cold and deprived of feelings.

Finally, people with borderlinedisorders use their partners in specific ways. Rather, they indulgeinto sexual intercourse only when they see fit. They can also use sexfor punishment of their partners, or for reward in this respect.

Onthe other hand, codependent people use sex to enslave their partnersand are usually prone to submissive, masochistic and experimentalfetishes.

All in all, there are many differentsexual attitudes related to different personality disorders. Duringthe diagnosis, this data can be very valuable and is taken intoconsideration in most cases.

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