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Boost your body image

It is All Connected

Often, when we suffer from some kind of a disorder, we have many different factors which might have provoked it, directly or indirectly. Having said that, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression and many other such issues all can stem from a negative self-image.

Therefore, making you respect yourself more is as important as getting the right medical treatment. You need to realize that, unless you praise yourself and pride yourself for what you are, you are going to express this dissatisfaction in a negative way. For example, you may end up suffering from the above mentioned disorders.

Our psyche is a very complex structure and it has enormous power, being capable of influencing us and our behavior significantly. Thereby, we need to be mentally strong and satisfied with ourselves in order to be healthy in that respect.

All in all, you need to boost your self-image since self-confidence is one of the most important factors regarding your personality as well as the capability of living life happily. The following pieces of advice might be more than useful on your way to self-praising and managing to better the positive image of yourself you are to hold deep inside your mind and never let go.

Boost Your Self-Image

First of all, even though there are things about ourselves we do not like, there are also those we are quite proud of and consider aesthetically pleasing. Thus, instead of focusing upon your negative sides, or those you consider negative, at least, you must turn your focus onto positive aspects of your body and personality. Surely, you might want a smaller, cuter nose. However, your eyes are so wonderfully attractive that they compensate for some things you may not like. This kind of attitude can help you enormously. We are all uniquely beautiful. We are just not aware of it and often do not judge ourselves in the right way.

Secondly, be healthy. This means, basically, that you should eat healthy food and avoid eating junk and processed one, hydrate your body adequately through drinking water regularly and indulge into physical exercising at least three times a week. This will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle which will cause you to feel good about yourself and be proud of everything you do.

Next, avoid the mirror. Since you are prone to self-criticism, you do not need additional focus like this. Thus, stay away from reflective surfaces and create your own self-image which you will keep in your mind, being proud of it.

Finally, treat yourself right. You are great in some aspect of life. So, give yourself some credit. Go out more often, buy things for yourself and praise yourself for every success you have caused.

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