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The old saying says that the eyes are mirrors of the soul, and just how much truth lies in it! Rightfully so, eyes are seen by many as the most special and attractive facial feature one can be gifted with. This is probably the main reason why quite a lot of people tend to be disappointed once the years start putting pressure on their bodies because the first signs – wrinkles, actually appear in the area around the eyes. That is, of course, why wrinkles tend to be one quite frequent skin “feature” in people, in general. In some people wrinkles do tend to come with years, but in others they have the tendency to appear much earlier and thus rock one’s world significantly. Their occurrence early on in one’s life is quite often directly related to the continuous eye movements in the guise of, for example, blinking. When observed in a bit more detail, it can be said that this phenomenon is of much greater concern to women than it is to men. The pressure they feel quite often tends to lead them in a completely opposite and thus wrong direction, urging them to give it a go with a lot of anti-wrinkle cosmetic products, which prove to be quite useless in the end, in the sense that they do not produce any visible effects, nor improvement come to that. And this can turn out to be ever so disappointing and not to mention funds-consuming,.

What to watch out from?

As already pointed out to, regarded as one of the most prominent reasons behind the appearance of wrinkles in the area around the person’s eyes is eye movement frequency. This ultimately brings about the occurrence of wrinkles, as well as sagging skin. In addition, overly exposure to the sun can induce wrinkles as well. One interesting and also alarming fact is that those people who do not smoke are at far lesser risk of developing wrinkles than those people who do smoke, especially those heavy smokers. Furthermore, persons who tend to suffer from allergies are also at a greater risk of coming down with wrinkles in comparison to those people who have no such issues and problems.

How to put an end to wrinkles?

It is important to keep your body and skin well hydrated, for this is also one of the main reasons for the occurrence of wrinkles. This means drinking as much water as possible.Do not expose your face and the skin around the eyes to the sun, but wear sunglasses when it is to strong.Increase the consumption of food varieties that abound in carotenoids.Keep away from using soaps when washing the face.Application of small amounts of coconut oil is also regarded as a quite effective way to minimize wrinkles.

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