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Problem not so naive in nature

The occurrence of a crease in the ear lobe can be innocent in nature, but also quite serious. There is a tendency to relate it to quite serious heart related issues and conditions. Unluckily perhaps, but earlobes tend to be, all too often disregarded and paid little attention to, given the fact that they are not active nor part of any vital biological function. When it comes to earlobes, it should be pointed out that even though they are not regarded overtly active as mentioned above, they do get large quantities of blood supplies since they are devoid of cartilage and consist of strong connective tissues, i.e. areole and adipose tissues.

Earlobes, in the greatest majority of people, are soft and smooth. However, in certain cases, there are instances when a crease appears that is induced by broken blood vessels. This occurrence is, in its nature harmful, but despite this characteristic, it can turn out to be quite concerning since there are numerous studies implying that this is a tell tale sign of unhealthy heart. This is not the only explaination regarding the occurrence of creases in one’s earlobe.

Other research studies have revealed something completely different from the findings mentioned above. These studies point out the direct relation of these creases to various cardiovascular diseases. Some research studies has been able to prove that there is a significant link with people, who have issues with these creases, being at a greater risk of coming down with severe heart related problems such as heart attack. Translated into numbers, this means that people with crease issues are at a 33% greater risk of suffering from a heart attack than those people who do not. Accordingly, those persons who have creases in both earlobes are at an even greater risk, the rate rises as high as 77%.


However, there exist specific schools of thought that do not share these conclusions but are strongly in favor of a fact that creases as such have nothing to do with heart related issues and ailments of any kind. Their theory is based upon the argument that the creases actually tend to occur as the person grows older. And it is a well-known fact that people reaching the autumn of their lives are certainly more prone to suffering from a heart attack, or any other heart related disease.

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