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Dry skin of the face, including the area around the nose and eyes, is usually a merely cosmetic issue. Dry skin needs to be repaired because it is more prone to damage, suck as cracking, but it also increases the chance of wrinkles. On the other hand, sometimes dry skin may indicate an underlying medical condition and if it is not fixed with cosmetic products and home remedies, it may be better to see a doctor.

Dry skin around the nose

There are several possible causes of dry, red, flaky or itchy skin around the nose. One of them is cold and windy weather during fall and winter. Cold weather strips away the moisture from the skin and makes it rough and dry. The bets way to deal with this problem is to protect the face with a scarf when spending time in cold and wind, to use a good moisturizer on daily basis and to avoid harsh soaps and hot water.

Another significant environmental factor is exposure to sun. It makes the skin red and dry, especially on the nose, because it is the most exposed part of the face. This problem is solved by always using sunscreen products with appropriate SPF.

Psoriasis is another potential cause of dry skin of the face, including the nose. This skin condition causes red flaky patches that tend to itch. It is usually managed with Hydrocortisone creams and ointments.

If a person does not get enough fluids through nutrition, it reflects on the skin as well. improper hydration or dehydration leads to dry skin all over the body and the area around the nose seems to be particularly prone to it. This problem is easily fixed by simply drinking more water.

Sometimes skin care products are too harsh for the skin and tend to irritate it or strip away the moisture. All cosmetic products should be hypoallergenic, pH neutral and mild, with no preservatives, perfumes and colors added to them.

Dry skin around the eyes

Dryness of the area around the eyes has similar causes as those of dry skin around the nose, with similar remedies. Sun exposure is a particularly significant factor, as the eyes are sometimes hard to protect from the sun. It is vital to always apply a good, strong sunscreen when spending time in the sun and to wear large, UV-protective sunglasses.

Skin around the eyes is particularly prone to dryness and thus to wrinkles, because it contains less sebaceous glands than other skin areas. This basically means that there is less sebum or natural protective oil.

Factors like stress, pollution, cosmetic products, makeup, improper nutrition and hydration, late nights, lack of sleep and allergies all seem to aggravate the problem.

In order to protect the skin around the eyes from drying up it is necessary to always keep it hydrated, to get enough sleep, to avoid rubbing the eyes due to allergies and irritation and to always remove makeup before going to bed.

Dry skin around the eyes can be repaired with a good moisturizer that contains natural oils and antioxidants but does not clog the pores.

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