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In order for afirming cream to provide one with the most satisfactory results, it isessential to be based on plants and various other compounds, which are allnatural. Unfortunately, quite a number of the present day top-advertised skincare products do often contain certain substances that are known to have the tendencyto bring one’s skin more harm than benefits. This does not include only theskin on one’s face, but also on one’s neck and body. Damaging skin beyondrepair is the last thing one wants to do, of course.

Constituents to keepaway from

Regarded as the ingredient that causes most damage to the skin, but somehow still manages to find its wayin skin-care products is petrolatum, also familiar to many as petroleum jelly. Thissubstance is known to be put in almost anything today. What really causesconcern is the fact that it originated from crude oil and once a person employsit and applies it to his/her skin, it is prone to blocking the skin’s pore thuscausing a great number of undesired ill-effects. It may feel good on the skin,but rest assured that this cannot even remotely compensate for itsside-effects. Since it is quite often presented to the public in the guise ofmineral oil label, a great majority of people do consider it quite healthy. But,the liquid petrolatum and various petroleum-based products are suspected to bein direct relation with that nightmarish illness everyone dreads so much, i.e.cancer.

Safe from harm

Unlike the case withpetrolatum, i.e. petroleum, there arevarious other ingredients that do us and our skin only good. Regardedas most beneficial and effective in this regard are the grape seed oil and the avocadooil.

The former isconsidered to be one of the best skin-firmers available today. It possessesantioxidant properties, thus aiding a person fight off those harmful freeradicals, which are known to bring quite a lot of harm to the cells, as well asinduce wrinkles. The latter is second in line of most beneficial ingredients. Ifone seeks to get the most of it, then it is recommended to employ it prior togoing to bed at night, given the fact that many will certainly find it a bittoo “heavy” for daily usage.

When it comes tofirming and tightening one’s skin, one of the most effective ways ofaccomplishing this is to simply grow new skin. This will, of course, soundpretty odd to many, but is nevertheless possible. Namely, proteins are the oneswhich are responsible for this and which facilitate the process of skin growth.And what better way of building on one’s protein reserves than by following ahealthy diet regime. And this, combined with a proper skin-care product, can dowonders, literally.

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