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Lifeis not always sweet with sugar

Thereis only a small fraction of population that cannot stand sugar andall the rush it brings. However, there is more than one quite serious downsideto satisfying one’s sugar cravings, or even overdoing with it. As experts pointout, based on the results of the most recent research studies, consuming sugarin abundance has a troublesome potential to turn your skin into dull lookingand too crowded with wrinkles. Many will ask how this is possible, and why sugar-craves satisfaction has such an unpleasant effecton one’s skin. But, when a person consumes sweets, what the sugar does so goodis attach to the proteins forming damaging new molecules through the processknown as “glycation”. The novelty molecules are then referred to as theadvanced glycation end products, or more humorously AGEs.


Furthermore,the greater amounts of candy, soda and similar sweet varieties a person consumeson a daily basis the more of afore mentioned extremely harmful molecules doesone’s body produce. Once these begin to build up, the first to suffer fromtheir ill effects are proteins, of course. As most of us already know, themost important proteins, which are known to make our skin firm, springy andelastic, are collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, the moment theysuffer even a minor damage, they become dry and brittle and it is exactly thiswhat induces the occurrence of wrinkles, as well as more than unpleasant andtroubling sagging of the skin.

Consequently,the new molecules bring about numerous other unpleasant side effects to life.One of such is affecting and disabling skin’s antioxidant enzymes productionability. A direct consequence of this is greater sensitivity of the skin toharmful effects of the sun.

Reversethe ill effects

Nomatter how seriously your skin is wrinkled, one should never give up on it, forthere are methods that can bring that full bloom and rebirth to the skin. Steps thatneed to be taken are the following:

Do not transgress the daily added-sugarlimitation of 10%, as a part of the daily calorie intake.Get rid of soda and switch to waterbecause water’s hydrating effects are what your skin so desperatelycraves for, not the sugars from soda drinks.Avoid processed food varieties forthey are quite often rich in hidden sugars.Stay away from fructose corn syrup.Do not neglect the B vitamins at anycost – 1 mg at the least of B1 and B6, on a daily basis.

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