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Many people, both women and men, are preoccupied with their appearance especially when they reach certain age. Wrinkles are a typical sign of aging. They affect different parts of the face and those located around the eyes are known as crow's feet. These wrinkles may make one look older than he/she actually is. This is why many search for suitable treatments which can reduce, if not completely eliminate, these skin imperfections.

What Causes Fine Lines under Eyes?

It is essential to get familiar with all causes of fine lines under eyes. Some of them are preventable while against others one simply cannot do anything. Knowing preventable causes makes one more cautious about new lines and progression of the already formed ones.

First of all, fine lines under eyes normally develop as a part of the aging process. They form due to lack of elastic fibers and collagen. Furthermore, the skin may lose its moisture and subsequently become less capable of regenerating. So dry skin and aging are the most common causes of fine lines under eyes. The problem can be accelerated if one enjoys frequent sunbathing or is a smoker. And finally, genetics plays a significant role and makes one more or less susceptible to fine lines under eyes.

Reducing Fine Lines under Eyes

It is not possible to completely prevent fine lines from forming. However, one may postpone their occurrence and prevent further progression once they develop.

One way to prevent early formation of fine lines under eyes is proper protection from the sun. Each time one is exposed to harmful sun rays he/she should wear a sun hat and sun glasses. Sun glasses are efficient means against squinting, one of major contributors to fine lines under eyes.

Smokers must stop smoking as soon as possible. By doing so, not only that one may prevent fine lines under eyes, but he/she can also prevent even more serious conditions like lung cancer, emphysema etc.

Using facial creams and invasive procedures

In order to maintain the skin moisturized enough one can choose from a variety of facial creams. If the person cannot make the decision which one to buy, it is good to consult a well-experienced dermatologist who will recommend the most convenient cream according to a person's type of skin. Women should also pay close attention when buying makeup and they are due to remove makeup thoroughly at the end of the day.

Finally, there are more invasive procedures and treatments one may opt for if he/she is not satisfied with results obtained with non-invasive approaches.

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