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In spite of a variety of cosmetic products available on the market, some people still may face dry skin. In some of them the problem is connected only with dry skin around the eyes while the rest of the face remains well moisturized. There are many reasons behind this issue but almost each of them is treatable.

What Causes Dry Skin around Eyes?

The skin around the eyes is actually the most delicate skin of the entire body, highly susceptible to any environmental changes. Such skin can be easily damaged if not protected adequately and timely. The skin around the eyes is also the first affected by wrinkles. So, if dryness of such skin occurs, the risk of premature aging increases and one may easily end up with wrinkles much before these skin changes are supposed to occur.

Skin dryness affecting the area around the eyes is commonly associated with excess sunbathing without appropriate protection. No matter whether the exposure is natural (the sun) or artificial (sunbeds) such skin gets equally damaged and becomes dry.

Improper nutrition and intake of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is another cause of dry skin around the eyes. Even inadequate care of the area, inappropriate facial creams or excess of makeup may contribute to the condition.

People who are under chronic stress, smokers and individuals who do not sleep enough may also suffer from dry skin around the eyes.

The problem can be prevented and treated, but one should change bad habits and correct behavior do that dry skin does not reoccur. The area is supposed to be well moisturized and prior purchasing any cosmetic product, one is due to consult his/her dermatologist who will recommend the best product according to person's type of skin and the severity of the problem.Dry Skin around Eyes - Remedies

Apart from creams and cosmetic products, people may opt for home remedies and try to prevent further damage to the skin around the eyes by adopting healthy habits and making certain lifestyle changes.

The skin may improve its appearance if it is well hydrated. This is achieved by sufficient intake of water. Repeated application of a moisturizer after every face wash is of additional help. Plenty of sleep may also improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes.

All cosmetic products that are applied onto this area should contain natural oils, emollients, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Each time the face is exposed to the sun it must be covered with a good sunscreen. It is best to avoid harsh weather conditions, if possible. Cessation of smoking and alcohol drinking is a must.

Finally, supply the body with plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals through a well balanced diet.

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