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The Red Ear Symptom Characteristics

You have probably seen or experiencedthe red ear syndrome. Namely, it manifests through a sudden rednessin the ears, making them extremely red and hot, sometimes tender to thetouch or even painful. Once one is struck by this phenomenon, he/sheusually feels it and is completely aware of it. There are differentcauses of this problem. Nevertheless, possible treatments are not yetcompletely discovered. Rather, there are things which help, eventhough not always. If you desire to know more about this mysteriousbodily change, seek the answers to your questions in the followinglines.

Causes of Red Ear Symptom

It is believed that most of the reasonsconnected with this conditions are related to the movements of ourhead. Specific actions performed by our head can trigger the redness,almost instantly in some cases. Chewing, drinking, coughing, turningour neck or sneezing, all can be possible triggers of thisphenomenon. Amazingly, some people experience the red ear syndromeonce they touch their earlobe.

Moreover, there are cases where someconditions influence the onset of this condition. It is likely toappear if we are suffering from a migraine or joint dysfunctions.These problems may trigger severe redness and tenderness in our ears,making our troubles even more evident. Finally, stress can be anadditional cause of the red ear syndrome. Interestingly, once itstrikes, this phenomenon remains present for at least 15 minutes,while some other people may be troubled by it for hours, even days.There is no age or gander factors as the red ear syndrome strikes allpeople equally.

Can It Be Treated?

Mainly, you need to treat the cause inorder to have this problem treated as well. Thus, if a migraine iscausing your redness, try taking some medications for it, and theredness will probably disappear once the migraine is gone. Thetreatment is the same of all other causes, where you need to treatthem in order to get rid of the ear redness. However, you cannot stopchewing or moving your head. If these actions trigger this problem,make sure you either conceal your ears from public, or do not reactto the problem at all, disallowing it to affect your life further.

Finally, the best overall solution tothe red ear syndrome may be getting enough rest, lying down andrelaxing while placing cold compresses upon your ears, removing theredness. Also, you might consider reorganizing your diet, since thiscan be of great help.

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