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Some people may get worried by the redness in their faces, taking place during and after exercising or engaging oneself in physical activities. However, this phenomenon is nothing to be afraid of, since it mainly indicates that your body is coping with the temperature increase within. Thus, when your face goes red during your next exercise session, make sure you do not stress out – it is all a natural course of action.

Why Does My Face Go Red?

You may not be embarrassed during your workouts. In fact, you might be quite positive about yourself and your achievements. Yet, the redness comes each time you visit the gym, go running or jogging, lift some weights etc.

Basically, this redness occurs when your body heat increases to about 25% of its regular temperature. Also, while you’re exercising, capillaries and other blood vessels deliver blood to the dermis, the deep layer of skin, distributing enough oxygen. Since our body's pace increases while we exercise too, it pumps more blood than usually. Thereby, it increases our blood pressure and causes more blood to flow through the vessels in every beat. The body uses the blood which causes us redness in order to decrease the amount of heat our body is exposed to. Also, sweating is the process which serves the same purpose.

All in all, whenever your face goes red during workouts, know that your body is giving its best to decrease your body temperature.

Alternative Causes of Red Face

If exercise and the above mentioned reasons turn out not to be responsible for the redness, there are some other possible suspects. For example, rosacea, which is a condition manifesting through inflammation of the skin. About 14 million Americans suffer from this condition and many of them are not even aware since about 78% do not even know about this condition, let alone the ways of prevention and treatment.

Rosacea is likely to strike people who blush or flush easily, especially if they are adults from 30 to 60 years old. Additionally, women are more susceptible to this condition than men. So, if your facial skin gets affected by flushing, redness, bumps and pimples, as well as visible blood cells, seek medical attention and have the problem diagnosed and treated.

Get Rid of Red Face During Workouts

Some health experts claim that all you should do in order to prevent the facial redness from striking you during your exercises is to drink plenty of water. Also, you may not cross your limits but, rather, exercise at a steady pace, gradually advancing.

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