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Ear Drainage Facts

This condition is very common withchildren and is this mostly connected with age. Nevertheless,ear drainage may affect adults as well. Whichever group it affects,this phenomenon is most closely connected to an underlying earinfection. The following lines will provide further information aboutear drainage regarding possible causes, symptoms and treatment. Thus,if you desire to read on and learn how to react in case you get incontact with this condition, read on.

Reasons behind Ear Drainage in Adults

There are several different causes ofthis phenomenon. They all manifest to certain type of fluid, comingout of a person's ear. If this fluid is watery, it is most probably asign of an ear infection, taking place behind the ear drum. On theother hand, drainage in the form of blood, most likely indicates aninjury like an ear drum perforation, ear wall damage or similar.Additionally, there are several other conditions which are capable oftriggering ear drainage in adults. Various infections, injuries ofthe ear interior and many other complications all may lead to theonset of ear drainage.

The main key to diagnosing the causebehind specific ear drainage is the expelled fluid itself. Namely,different smell, consistency, thickness, color, and other properties,all indicate different conditions having ear drainage as a symptom.

As for ear infections, these areextremely painful. The sufferer may experience pain upon touching, orconstant pain, with ear drainage varying in color, being transparent,white or yellow, smelling extremely unpleasantly. Different particlescan be present in the fluid as well. Headaches are quite commonduring these infections. Direct traumas to the ear drum or some otherear parts, as mentioned above, result in blood drainage and extremepain. Hearing impairment and/or loss are also possible.

The worst case scenario would involvean ear tumor, which produces a bright red or yellow ear secretion.Nevertheless, the most common reason behind this condition isexcessive ear wax. Sometimes, while we move our jaw or performsimilar actions, our ear wax gets expelled, resulting in the darkyellow, scaly and sticky discharge. However, this is completelynormal and usually caused by poor ear hygiene. All in all, color andsmell are main clues of the type of the problem you are facing onceyou experience ear drainage. Thus, if your discharge has a foulsmell, or has unwanted colors mentioned above, let alone comeshand-in-hand with pain and discomfort, seek medical attention as soonas possible.

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