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Excessive Ear Wax Characteristics

Having more ear wax than normal is quite a common phenomenon. It can interfere with the troubled person’s hearing capability due to sound blockage it may cause. Therefore, it is important to keep your ears clean, so, as not to experience any of the negative symptoms this condition has in store. Naturally, the sweat glands in our ears produce this oily substance we call wax in order to protect our ears. The way, being sticky as it is, is capable of grabbing all the particles which might cause damage after reaching the deeper parts of our ear. Usually, excessive amounts of this wax are all supposed to dry out and get expelled from our ears. However, sometimes, wax piles up excessively, creating obstructions in our ear, and potentially causingproblems.

Reasons behind Excessive Ear Wax

As mentioned above, problems emerge once the excessive ear wax reaches deeper into our ear. This may take place if we use earplugs or, perhaps, hearing aids. Earphones and similar devices have the same effect. Moreover, many of us, by carelessly using cotton swabs while cleaning their ears, tend to push the wax matter deeper into the ear, blocking the free passage of sound and air. Nevertheless, lack of ear hygiene would probably lead to this condition as well. In fact, the likelihood for excessive ear wax production varies from one individual to another. Some of us may produce more ear wax, while some are prone to lesser production of this protective substance. Any blockage may lead to infections or hearing difficulties, as well as some other complications.

Manifestations of Excessive Ear Wax

Apart from feeling that something unwanted is located in your ear, you might experience pain, dizziness, loss of balance, hissing or other high frequency sounds, or even cough. The worst case scenarios involve temporary loss of hearing due to complete ear blockage or permanent loss of hearing caused by ear drum damage due to excessive ear wax reaching it. Finally, awkward or unpleasant smell coming from ears, possibly accompanied by unnatural discharge, all add on to the list of possiblesymptoms.

Possible Treatment

There are numerous different ways of treating this condition. Firstly, you might consider placing several drops of olive oil or hydrogen peroxide into your ear. These will make the wax more soft and fluid, thus making it possible for you to wash it out. Make sure the olive oil is warm. Simply enough, warm water may help you as well. If that fails, make sure you seek medical assistance. There, the doctor will help you with numerous medical solutions capable of cleaning your ears and expelling the wax completely. Also, if there is an underlying illness behind the above mentioned symptoms, he or she will let you know.

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