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Red Rash on Stomach, Why? What? When?

This phenomenon is quite a common oneand it affects both men and women. Basically, it manifests throughthe appearance of skin discoloration, change of texture, itching orother irritation upon the surface of one's stomach skin. This mayhappen from numerous different reasons. Most commonly, it istriggered by a fungal infection, whereas timely treatment is a must.Also, you might get infected by bacteria from the water you takeshower by, or unhygienic surroundings you perform these actions in.Further on, red rashes on stomach may appear once you have eatensomething bad for your digestive system. All in all, there arenumerous different causes and manifestations of this problem. Thus,if you want to know how to notice red rash on your stomach, identifyit and treat it correctly, read on and find out.

Common Reasons behind Red Rashes onStomach

One of the conditions which candirectly cause red rash on one's stomach is measles. This is acontagious disease which affects our lungs and, thereby, causesbreathing difficulties and possibly some other life-threateningproblems.

Alternatively, your red rash on stomachor back may be caused by eczema, especially if the redness isswollen, itchy and sensitive. Also, you might be allergic to certainsubstances like some metals or chemicals, and these might be thecauses of your skin problems of this type, mostly classified asallergic contact dermatitis. Medications are known to cause suchallergies too.

Sometimes, when you shave your bodyskin, rashes may appear afterwards. This condition is calledfolliculitis and it is basically an inflammation of your hairfollicles due to hair removal.

Stress and some medications can causepsoriasis, which affects the skin on your leg, stomach and otherparts of your body, causing redness and irritation.

Finally, the redness may be caused bymite, and the condition is called scabies. This is highly contagiousand spreads among people fast. Taking into consideration that thisconditions is called the plague of the skin, you are highly advisedto seek medical attention as soon as you notice a quick spreadingredness on your skin.

Possible Home Treatment

First and foremost, you are advised notto scratch the itchy redness on your stomach or any part of yourskin, since you might only make things worse through this action.Applying aloe vera gel or pulp, baking soda, cold water and yogurtare all possible ways of providing yourself comfort. Yet, if all elsefails, you are advised to seek assistance from your dermatologist,who will examine the redness and suggest the best treatment possible.

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