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One of the major causes of bloating and pain in the abdominal area is trapped wind. This condition manifests mainly through excessive gas being captured inside one's intestine. All age groups may suffer from this problem. Usually, the symptoms go away quickly since the trapped wind gets released eventually. However, there are cases where medical assistance may be a necessity.

Causes of Trapped Wind

The most common trigger of this phenomenon is excessive air being swallowed during food consumption or anxiety fits. The second most common reason are bacteria in our stomach, fermenting the consumed food, producing excessive gases in the process. Regardless of the cause, this condition can vary in severity, manifesting through mild pain and discomfort to inability to move, let alone walk.

Fortunately, in most cases, this occurrence is a benign one, despite the pain it delivers. The trapped air may get released through belching or releasing it anally. Yet, if you are enduring these problems often, this might be a sign of a more serious condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, bowel obstruction or carcinoid syndrome.

Furthermore, certain food types such as beans, cabbage, broccoli or onions are notorious for triggering trapped wind. Rarely, acid or alkaline reactions in our guts may lead to accumulation of gases. On the other hand, the gases may come from our blood, due to some sort of a disease.

A Natural Feature

We live, eat, open our mouth, breathe and perform numerous other actions which may lead to swallowing air. In fact, we always have certain amounts of air dwelling somewhere in our organism. Sometimes, this air simply gets over-accumulated, leading to gases or trapped wind. Once you are unable to expel the troublesome wind out of your organism through belching, back passage releasing or defecation, you may need to seek medial assistance.

Sometimes, herbal medications called Carminatives including peppermint oil capsules, fennel seeds, ginger roots or chamomile tea can help individuals get rid of their trapped wind and the pain it brings. Therefore, do not hesitate to try these natural solutions should the occasion arise. When all else fails, your doctor will know how to help you, looking deeper into the problem, searching for underlying conditions which may be bothering you, causing excessive air to get trapped in your guts.

All in all, consider this phenomenon natural and benign, unless it remains persistent and painful for a longer period of time, manifesting hand-in-hand with constipation or some other negative symptoms.

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