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Usually, people do not pay attention to the health of their ears until something bad happens. We tend to ignore this sensory organ of ours, even though its health should be one of our primary concerns. Dry ear canal, for example, can cause numerous problems which can range from being mild to being quite serious, usually when left untreated. Thus, whenever you experience ear problems, it is best to seek medical attention, looking deeper into the problem.

The Human Ear

The ear canal is a tube which connects the outer part of our ear, the auricle, to the eardrum standing as a border between the ear canal and the middle ear. The skin in this canal is very sensitive and gentle and the very purpose of our ear canal is to transfer received sounds from the outer into the middle ear. Also, the outer part of our ear canal contains glands which produce earwax, protecting our ear and lubricating the skin in the area.

Reasons behind Dry Ear Canal

One of the most common triggers of dry ear canal could be lack of earwax, aggressive ear cleaning procedures or an underlying skin condition like psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. The latter usually strikes people who are prone to skin problems, leading to irritation. Naturally, if we lack the necessary earwax in our ear canal, the area is bound to get dry and problematic. We may cause this condition by cleaning our ears too often, irritating the ear canal, making it excessively clean and dry.

Manifestations of Dry Ear Canal

Usually, this problem has two main manifestations. Firstly, we experience itchiness in the area and secondly we suffer from excessively dry skin. The skin in question may look inflamed and dry flakes may fall out of our ears, possibly clogging the ear canal.

Possible Treatments of Dry Ear Canal

First and foremost, once facing this health issue, you are advised to pay your doctor a visit. If you suffer from an ear infection, you may need special treatment with antibiotics or ear drops. Ear drops can also help you with lack of earwax, lubricating your ear canal properly. Alternatively, you may be advised to clean your ears less frequently or less vigorously. Keep in mind that swimmers are an endangered group when it comes to this condition, being more prone to dry ear canal and ear infection than other people. In fact, there is a common ear infection named “the swimmer's ear”.

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