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A Head Spinning Sensation

There are occasions when some of us mayexperience a type of dizziness which manifests through having asensation of a head spinning. This can take place while walking, lyingdown, sitting or standing up, regardless of what you are doing. Thisphenomenon is called vertigo. Moreover, it has many different causesand several specific manifestations and side-effects which might takeplace along with it. The following lines will try to provide furtherinsight into this strange, yet quite common, fit.

Manifestations of Head SpinningSensation

Of course, the spinning sensation isthe basic effect of this phenomenon. Some people may even completelylose their balance once affected by vertigo, having a need to liedown or sit, due to the fact that they might fall or pass out.Additionally, lightheadedness is an affect that may occur before, during and after the headspinning attack. Fatigue may be present as well. The symptoms tend toget worse if you try to move your head rapidly. During this actionyou might suffer from blurred vision too. Finally, nausea andconcentration difficulties are common during this unfortunate stateof affairs as well.

Reasons behind Head Spinning Sensation

Our center of balance is located insideour inner ear. There, we have nerves which deliver signals to ourbrain, establishing balance and helping us orientate in terms ofplace. Once we move our head, change our direction or our balance,these nerves, in correspondence to the brain, regulate all thesefactors, enabling us to move and react properly to these changes.Unfortunately, several conditions and situations may cause problemsin this “network”, leading to the head spinning sensation and,thereby, loss of balance.

Inner ear inflammation, usually due toviral activities, is one of the common causes of vertigo. Thiscondition may last for several days, after which no spinning headsensations are to be felt. Alternatively, sometimes, due to migraineswhich may trigger your hormonal imbalances, you might feel nauseous,sick and experience this condition as well.

As we grow older, the calcium crystalconcentration in our inner get overwhelming, affecting our balance,causing the symptoms of spinning head sensation. Besides aging, adirect injury to the head or ear may result in this problem too.

Also, one of possible causes may be a non-cancerous growth appearing on one of the nerves involved in thebalance control of our body. Then, we are bound to witness buzzingsounds in our ears, feel lightheaded and experience the spinningsensation.

Too much fluids in your ears may causemost of the symptoms mentioned above, affecting you the same way.Finally, there might be a more serious, underlying disease causingyour problems. Therefore, as soon as you experience head spinningsensation which is frequent or persistent, seek medical attention.

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