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Information on Popping Ears

Ears popping is a medical condition which can be rather painful and annoying in certain cases. Sometimes the popping may be caused by an excessive buildup of the fluid in the inner ear or the changes in the fluid’s location or pressure. Once a person gets rid of the excess amounts of fluid everything should return to normal.

Tips and Treatments

A person can do a few things in order to alleviate the buildup of the fluid in the inner ear which causes the annoying popping sensation in the ears. Sticking the fingers into the ear canal and pushing the outer ear canal opening towards the back side of the head. While the muscles are pulled back a person should yawn and by doing so drain the fluid out.

Nasal spray can be applied topically on the Eustachian tube in order to relieve popping. This method should also be very efficient in reducing the swelling and relieving the clog that causes all the trouble. Pouring a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can also come in very handy when it comes to relieving the bothersome popping sensation in the ears.

The substance will cause bobbling in the eats and it should just be drained out once the bobbling sensations stops. Sometimes chamomile tea and antihistamines can help if the popping is caused by an allergic reaction. Ear candling can be of help in certain cases as well. Alcohol can be helpful because it dries the moisture in the ears.

Steam can also be beneficial in releasing pressure from the inner ear. Sometimes, simply chewing on the chewing gum will help in solving the problem. Some minor instances of the condition may be resolved by plugging the nose with the fingers and blowing the nose to equalize the pressure. Drinking plenty of herbal tea can be of great help with alleviating the symptoms.

Some people believe that chewing on mints can also be beneficial. Olive oil can be used because it is very efficient in soothing the ear canal. Yawning and eating are two activities which are pretty much common and can be of help in relieving the pressure of the ear canal by moving the jaw muscles. Sometimes the condition needs to be treated by antibiotic medications.

In order to unblock the ears, a person can swallow or yawn. Other techniques may include blocking the nostrils and taking a mouthful air which should be forced in to the back of the nose.

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