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Red dots on face

Every person is very sensitive about the health condition of his/her skin, especially about the skin of the face, because every possible unusual change that may happen on the face is visible to anybody and can cause distress or embarrassment. Therefore, almost every person pays the most attention to the skin on the face. Many people may experience the distressing red dots on the face. It should be known that they are not very serious and bothersome.

Cause of red dots on face

There are several potential causes for the outbreak of these upsetting red dots on the facial skin. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. Below this layer, there are the networks of tiny blood vessels that supply the skin and other organs with sufficient blood. Since, these blood vessels that carry the blood are just beneath the epidermis, they may be easily damaged by any activity with excessive strain on them. When such damage happens, that is immediately manifested through the red dots that appear on the skin. The red dots are often mistakenly misdiagnosed with heat rash, although the heat rash is a completely different disorder of the skin and it is usually marked by blisters or pimples. On the other hand, blisters and pimples are not the signs of red spots that may also appear on the back and chest.

One of the causes for the occurrence of red dots on the facial skin is vomiting, because in this case the blood vessels that are very near the face and neck are affected, and in most cases, vomiting causes the blood vessels to break. Therefore, the blood starts to build up in the region around the face and the neck. All this leads to the outbreak of red dots on the surface of the facial skin. The other reason for the incidence of red dots on face is constant coughing, which makes strong pressure to the blood vessels beneath the epidermis. This, also, causes the blood vessels to break and form red dots on the surface of the skin. In the majority of cases when a person is allergic to something, it usually manifests on the skin. Therefore, the red dots on the face can be caused by allergies. For example, certain foods or medications are usually the triggers for various allergies. Other reasons for the appearance of red dots on the facial skin are hard sneezing and strenuous exercises.

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