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A Bad Sign or Not?

If you happen to experience the appearance of red dots on your legs you should try to find the reason behind this condition as soon as possible. Do not get frightened right away, this may be nothing and may disappear just as fast as it appeared. However, if the dots remain persistent, let alone itch or cause any kind of irritation, the underlying causes may be far more serious and some measures need to be taken. Red dots on your leg may be a sign of some underlying inflammations, some more serious than the others. Alternatively, this condition may be a premonition of a worse skin disease on the rise. Nevertheless, it can just be a product of a mere allergy, vanishing before you even get to notice it.

Reasons Behind Itchy Red Dots on Legs

First of all, if you notice silver-colored scales around the small red dots on your legs, you might be suffering from psoriasis. This is a condition caused by excessive production of skin cells, the abundance of which causes these silvery scales to form and fall from your skin, causing red dots on it. It is not a serious situation and it can be reduced to a minimum with various topical cremes and other products your skin specialist may prescribe you.

As for allergies capable of causing this condition on your legs, there are quite a few matching the description. Namely, insect stings and bites or, perhaps, contact with a certain cosmetic product you are allergic to, as well as taking some medications having this as a side-effect, may all cause red dots to appear on your legs and possibly be itchy and cause you discomfort. Red dots may be eczema, especially, with children. Therefore, keep your legs covered and protected whenever you are going out in the nature and always read instructions for both medications and cosmetic products you are using. Alternatively, your red dots may be signs of either bacterial or fungal infection. Then, after being examined by a dermatologist, you will be prescribed the adequate treatment.

Finally, excessive amounts of collagen, our skin protein, inside our organism, may lead to problems, and cause red dots on your legs as well. Therefore, now that you are aware of all the possible causes, make sure you know how to react whenever you see this condition on your legs or some other parts of your skin.

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