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Among the most frustrating conditions in the humans are the skin disorders, especially nowadays when the beauty is an imperative. Everyone is paying attention to their skin since the healthy skin is one of the signs of the general body health. Therefore, when we notice any change on the skin, it causes a lot of distress. The skin disorders usually resemble each other since most of them cause a rash, which is difficulty to be classified as one specific skin condition.

Blotchy red skin is one such skin disorder since in the first couple of days, it manifests though the outbreak of small red pimples or bumps, which days turn into red blotches that multiply and expand all over the body after about three. The painful itching, which is the most intense in the morning and after having a shower, is characteristic for this skin condition.

Causes and treatment of blotchy red skin

The major cause for the occurrence of blotchy red skin is acne, especially in teenagers. Since the acne is caused by the excessive oiliness of the skin, the best thing to do to eliminate them is to wash the affected area with the mild antiseptic soap about three times a day. There are also certain medicines that can be used for the acne but before using them, a dermatologist should be consulted.Another cause for the appearance of blotchy red skin is dermatitis, especially irritant contact dermatitis, which occurs when the skin comes into the contact with the irritable substances found in many skin products and cosmetics. If we want to eliminate the blotchy red skin caused by irritant contact dermatitis, it is necessary to stop using the cosmetics and the products that contain the chemicals to which our skin is sensitive.Blotchy red skin occurs also due to a skin disease called rosacea. Rosacea may also cause pimples, itching and swelling and tends to aggravate after long exposure to sun, humid weather, and stress, as well as after consummation of alcohol and spicy foods. A dermatologist usually prescribes Metrogel and tetracycline to treat rosacea. Furthermore, blotchy red skin may also be induced by various allergies and hives. To treat hives, one should apply cold compress on the area affected, or take antihistamines. As for the allergies, a doctor should be visited.This uncomfortable skin disorder may also be caused by a viral disease called Fifth Disease, which tends to expand all over the body.

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