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Information on Hives

Facial hives are smooth, flat topped bumps on the facial skin which are commonly characterized by a red color. They usually occur on the face or the neck, but they may also appear on the lips, ears or eyes. Facial hives can always be characterized by extreme itchiness and a sensation similar to sunburn which occurs when they get touched. The hives are often accompanied by swelling which occurs due to the buildup of fluids in the tissues of the facial skin. The swelling itself is sometimes referred to as angioedema which is a strictly medical term. The swelling may sometimes occur on the upper arms and the neck as well. If the hives do not get treated they always seem to reappear. Hives can also be considered as a hereditary medical condition.


Hives occur when the immune system releases certain chemical compounds called histamines which are meant to fight off all harmful and dangerous substances and factors. When an allergic reaction occurs, the hives are actually a reaction which shows how the body tries to fight off the harmful allergens. The most common triggers that can be associated with the occurrence of facial hives are certain types of infections, certain fabrics, different sorts of food allergies, overexposure to water, heat and cold, drug allergies, skin and hair care products and excessive exposure to sunlight. Less common causes of facial hives may include tooth abscesses, sinusitis, cellulitis, blood transfusion, face injury, different types of facial surgery and even obesity. Some claim that hives can be associated with menopause but that could not be further from the truth. Hormonal changes may trigger facial hivesthough.


Facial hives can be easily characterized by skin colored welts, swollen patches or rings on the skin, very intense itchiness and burning sensations which occur when the affected areas of the skin get touched. Redness of the skin can also be present in some cases. Swollen eyes, ears, mouth and face are another common occurrence affiliated with this type of medical condition. If the inflammatory conditions occur, they may be accompanied by scaly skin and increased sensitivity. Some cases may include breathing difficulties which require immediate medical condition because they may be fatal. Fever is another symptom which indicates an occurrence of certain types of infections.


Washing the face with cold water and applying cold compresses reduces the intensity of the symptoms.

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