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Since the skin is our majorexternal organ, it can be affected by various diseases due to environmental orinternal factors. When one is affected by certain skin condition, it can bevery distressful and for some even embarrassing. Every one of us likes to havebeautiful skin. Therefore, we have to maintain our skin healthy. However, theskin is prone to many diseases and one of the skin conditions is rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic skincondition than cannot be cured, unfortunately, but it can be treated and thesymptoms of this skin disorders can be relieved. It is not infectious conditionand in the majority of cases, it affects the face, mainly the nose, foreheadand the chin. Since many people tend to mistake rosacea for acne, rosacea isusually called acne rosacea.

Symptoms of rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition thatmainly affects those people with light and fair skin. It is manifested throughred or pink patches, small red bumps or red cysts and visible tiny broken bloodvessels. Furthermore, the people who suffer from rosacea usually have pink andirritated eyes. Telangiectasias are small blood vessels that become enlargedand visible through the skin due to frequent facial flushing. On the otherside, because of constant blushing, inflammation can occur and result inappearing of red bumps that resemble the acne. All these symptoms tend todisappear over time and appear again after some time. Rosacea is a skincondition that should be treated, since otherwise, the symptoms only aggravate.

Causes of rosacea

Although the main cause for thisskin disorder is not discovered, there are several potential causes. It is consideredthat the dilation of the blood vessels beneath the skin of the face is one ofthe reasons for the occurrence of this condition. Furthermore, the bacteriaHelicobacter pylori, as well as dust mites, can induce rosacea. Certain genesand exposure to sun, as well as gastrointestinal disease and medications, canbe responsible for the outbreak of acne rosacea. Furthermore, stress, fear andanxiety, as well as alcohol consummation and spicy foods, are some of thecauses for the appearance of rosacea.

Treatment of rosacea

When rosacea is diagnosed, thenthe doctors prescribe a proper treatment according to the symptoms.Fortunately, there are many methods that can be used in the treatment ofrosacea. The one who has this skin condition should use antibacterial washesevery day and apply topical cream in morning and in the evening. There are alsoantibiotic pills that are used if bacteria caused rosacea. Other options forthe treatment of rosacea are lasers and pulsed-light therapies, as well asphotodynamic therapy and isotretinoin.

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