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Red Dots

This problem is considered common, especially among people over 40 years ofage. Petechia and cherry angioma are the two causes of this problem. In thefollowing text, we will focus on the subject in detail. This problem can affectanybody and it varies from benign to injurious. Naturally, the harmless shouldnot the be treated, while more serious should. Even benign problem can be anunpleasant one, so people usually try to remove them as fast as possible.

Causes of Red Dots

As we have mentioned earlier, the creation of this problem can occur because oftwo reasons. The benign tumor, which is cherry angioma, affects older peopleand its causes are not still determined. This problem creates purple tocherry-red dots which erupt, and it is actually a cluster of dilated capillariesthat make vascular lesions located on the skin. These lesions can be createdanywhere on the body, but it seems that they prefer the torso area, though theycan also be found on the legs, arms, scalp, neck, and the face. In the beginning, they are very small and size of a pinhead. As the time progresses, theygrow up to half a centimeter and start to resemble a mushroom. This problemproduces no pain and it is harmless, but as we have said, it impairs thephysical appearance, which is the reason why people want to eliminate it assoon as possible. Remember not to pierce or squeeze cherry angiomas, since theybleed when punctured.

When we talk about petechia, they can be described as tiny and small arealocated under the skin. This surface is red but it can sometimes be black,purple or brown. One of the most common culprits for the creation of petechia isphysical trauma, like hard coughing, crying or vomiting. If the problem is caused byphysical trauma, it iseliminated on its own after some time. Another cause is the blood vesselinflammation or vasculitis. If this problem is present, medical help is neededin order to eliminate chances of further damage. Low platelet count can lead topetechia. The causes of thrombocytomenia, or the low platelet count, aremicrobial infection consequence, clotting factor deficiency, medication sideeffects and extreme pressure on the tissue. The preferable location for petechiais limbs. After four or five days, petechia grow in number and create feverand pain. Visit to the hospital is needed in this case.


The cryotherapy is one of the common ways of eliminating this problem. With ahelp of liquid nitrogen, the cherry angiomas are frozen and then removed withsurgical procedure. Electrosurgery can also eliminate the problem, but this methoduses electricity. Ordinary ice cubes can eliminate petechia induced by physicalactivity. The cause of this problem should be found and in order to achieve this,spinal tap test, x-rays and blood test can be done. For the end, we advise you toseek medical attention no matter how small the problem is. It will make youfeel better and safer to eliminate the chances of further complications.

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