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Even though most people get frightened and worried once they notice red dots appearing around their eyes, this is not a major cause for concern. Rather, it is a minor problem which goes away on its own without a necessity of any medical intervention.

Facts about Red Dots around the Eyes

All blood that travels to our eyes goes through an artery called ophthalmic artery. If anything affects these blood vessels, red spots may form one the white part of one’s eyes. These spots are nothing more than accumulated blood in the area and usually appear due to lifting heavy objects. Nevertheless, several other situations and conditions may lead to red dots around the eyes.

Other Causes of Red Dots around the Eyes

Apart from lifting heavy objects, red dots around the eyes may stem from violent vomiting. In fact, vomiting this way may lead to large concentration of red dots in one’s eyes, looking as if the eyes are bleeding.

Also, if you have been crying a lot, your blood vessels may get overstrained and excessive blood may get delivered to the eyes, leading to the appearance of red dots. So, strong bouts of crying may cause red dots around the eyes, usually accompanied by puffiness and swelling affecting the area.

Alcohol and Violent Sneezing

Alcohol is not beneficial for our blood vessels. It triggers damage in these parts of our body. Thus, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages may trigger damage of the above mentioned blood vessels and thus lead to red dots around the eyes. Alternatively, alcohol may increase the blood pressure in the blood vessels, resulting in the same effect.

Finally, violent sneezing can create enormous pressure on the blood vessels leading to our eyes, resulting in red dots around the eyes. Even though sneezing itself is harmless and necessary for our body to expel certain foreign particles which cause irritation, when too strong, it can have this minor side-effect. What is more, worst damage can be caused by preventing a sneeze from taking place since this action can lead to broken blood vessels in the eyes, making matters worse. Thus, sneeze freely and keep your eyes unaffected by red dots.

Is it Serious?

Fortunately, red dots around the eyes do not affect your vision in any given way. Minor itchiness may appear, but it disappears in short periods of time and should be ignored. Therefore, keep in mind that red dots around the eye are not a serious health problem and do not bother seeking medical attention. Rather, relax and wait and this problem will be gone before you know it.

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