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Introduction to red face

When a person’s face turns red, this is usually called facial flushing, which can sometimes be the result of a skin disorder.

It can in some cases be caused by too much exposure to the sun or an excessive amount of alcohol being consumed regularly.

It is usually not a serious problem however, and it might not require any treatment by the doctor at all. However, there are some skin disorders that could be a problem that cause redness of the face.

However, some people’s faces turn red when they become angry or when they are embarrassed, and this is nothing to worry about. This is nothing more than a reaction to stress.


Eczema is a skin disorder that could cause the face to turn red and it usually also leads to a dryness of the skin. It usually shows up in the form of a rash, which later turns into blisters and causes the skin to itch severely.

If a person notices that the eczema is causing too much scratching, then it is probably because the skin is being exposed to something that it is allergic to, such as dust, mold or pet dander.

Sometimes, people with sensitive skin can also have this skin disorder result from using soap or shampoo that is to harsh for their skin, which will also lead to patches of dry skin and serious itching of the face.

One of the most typical causes of red face is sunburn. This is when a person overexposes their skin to sunlight, which causes damage to the tissues of the face and pain. The intensity depends both on the person and to what degree the face has been exposed to sunlight, but no matter what, the redness of the skin is always very visible and it will need some time for the skin to heal and the redness to subside.

Another common reason a person’s face is constantly red is because they abuse alcohol regularly. Alcohol abuse causes facial flushing because the blood vessels in the face expand and the circulation of blood to the face increases.

What results from this is extreme facial redness.

It has also been shown that people who have red face that is caused by alcoholism have a better chance of getting esophageal cancer. Treatment

The treatment of the red face will, of course, depend on the cause. Naturally, if alcohol abuse is the cause, then, there is no other option but to stop drinking heavily.

When it is a skin disorder, it is probably best to see a dermatologist, who will probably recommend some type of ointment or cream to help with the itching and heal the skin.

For eczema specifically, there are home remedies, such as coconut oil or diluted olive oil, which can reduce the redness significantly upon use.

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