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The so-called cookie diet can be a very efficient in helpingpersons lose significant amounts of excess weight in a relatively short amountof time. The cookies are meant to be used as a substitute for regular meals. Itmust be noted that the cookies usually do not have a proper balance ofnutrients so that means that in certain cases they may trigger certain sideeffects.

Most people find it impossible to eat cookies and be on a diet but itactually can happen. The cookies may not be the preferable type of treats butstill they provide the person with a very healthy alternative to the ordinarymeals.

Cookies also provide the person with precious ingredients withoutbringing the usual feeling of guilt that is commonly associated with all typesof sweets. Diet cookies are actually an easy way to lose extraordinary amountsof excess weight. Some people may find eating the same type of food forprolonged periods of time somewhat boring and the diet hardly ever works withpeople who suffer from the nasty habit of overeating.


Those who are trying to get rid of excessive weight shouldalways avoid cookies made with white flour because they are abundant incarbohydrates. Oats and wheat flour are efficient in scrubbing out thedigestive tract as they do not turn into sugar.

They are also very beneficialin suppressing one’ appetite and they are very good for the overall health ofthe heart. When making cookies with wheat flour, more eggs, baking soda andbaking powder are required. Another wise option is to use fruit in the cookies insteadof flavor chips, nuts and chocolate.

Some of the most beneficial fruits aredried strawberries, raisins, dried cranberries and dried blueberries becausethey all have very potent antioxidant properties. Dried apples and mangoes arealso an excellent addition to any cookie recipe. Fruit acts as a naturalsweetener in any recipe. Sometimes even certain types of vegetables can be usedas natural sweeteners.

Coconut is remarkable in bringing a certain tropicalflavor to any cookie recipe. Nuts can be added to common cookie recipes inorder to provide more protein to the everyday diet. Peanut butter can be added as well. Butterfat should be avoided at all costs, and one should always opt for margarine oreven coconut oil. Regular oil can also be replaced by olive oil, grapeseed,mashed bananas, pumpkin puree or applesauce.

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