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Information on Carob Chips
Carob chips are made from the plant called carob which is an evergreen flowering type of shrub which originates from the Mediterranean regions of the world and belongs to the family of peas. People usually grow carob for its seeds which have been consumed and used as a natural sweetener ever since the times of the ancient Egypt. Modern times brought some other customs, so nowadays carob commonly gets roasted or dried so that it can be processed into powder or chips. The carob chips are commonly used as an unsweetened type of chocolate substitute in numerous different cake and cookie recipes. The powder is sometimes used as a coffee substitute as well. Carob can be characterized by a very high nutritional value because it is jam packed with potassium, different types of proteins and dietary fiber.
Traditional Carob Chips Ingredients
The recipe for the traditional carob chips includes a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of chocolate extract, a cup of coconut oil, a quarter of a cup of rapadura and three quarters of a cup of carob powder. All the ingredients need to be mixed in a glass bowl which then needs to be placed in simmering water until the chocolate extract and coconut oil start melting. The mixture needs to be spread on a butter parchment and kept in the refrigerator. The mixture can be separated from the parchment and cut into desired shapes once it gets hardened.
Butter Carob Chips Recipe
This recipe involves a stick of butter, five eights of a cup of coconut oil and a cup of carob powder. The powder needs to be sieved through a wire mesh strainer, while the oil gets heated in a small saucepan. The melted oil needs to be mixed in with the sieved powder and then the butter can be added so that the mixture can be spread over a sheet. After being kept in a refrigerator for no more than 40 minutes, the hardened mixture can be cut into desired shapes.
Healthy Carob Chip Cookies Recipe
This recipe involves half a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a quarter of a tablespoon of salt, a cup of chopped nuts, one third of a cup of butter, a beaten egg, one third of a cup of honey, one and a quart cup of whole wheat flour and a cup of carob chips. The process is similar to the aforementioned preparation processes.

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