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Everyone is now more aware of the importance of eating healthy. Unfortunately, health food is at the back of the shelf whereas the fast-food seems to be put in front of everyone’s faces all the time.

Junk Food

In this society the junk food and the fast food is so readily available on every street corner and within one phone call it can even be delivered to your front door. For those few citizens that wish to eat healthy it is not as nearly that easy and quite often they are left with having to cook it for themselves. Even worse is the challenge, when you are cooking for only two people. Even when you find a healthy recipe to try, the servings are always marked for six servings. So see below for some yummy, healthy options for just two people.


The Ingredients include one medium sized onion, one clove of garlic, one egg or you can use two tablespoons of all purpose flour if you or the other guest is a vegetarian, two tablespoons of olive oil, one cup of chickpeas, one teaspoon of grounded cumin, half a cup of cilantro or parsley depending on both of your tastes and half a teaspoon of flaked red chili. The cooking method is to first wash and then drain the chickpeas and soak them in water throughout the night. The following day you can bring them to the boil and drain them then put them to one side. Next, heat one teaspoon of oil in a pan and fry the now chopped onion and the crushed clove of garlic. Fry only until the onion has become semi-transparent. After that use a large bowl and combine the onion, cilantro, ground cumin, flaked red chili and the chickpeas. Then pound the chickpeas using a fork or even better a potato smasher. After this you can include the beaten egg to the assortment and combine well. At this point you can create minute round balls of the same size from the combination and then compress them so they are flat. Put a tablespoon of oil in a pan and fry the falafel on an average heat until they go golden brown on both sides. You can serve them with a salad.

Other Recipes

There are many recipes on the market and on the internet for two people who want to eat healthily. Have a look for a grilled fish fillet with a potato salad, or look for a pasta chicken salad.

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