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Since cakes are usually not advised during the diets, this may be an excellent newsto somebody. Many people have problems with avoiding sweets during diet, butthere are ingredients that can be used and that can make even cake a healthyfood. It is best to make them at your own kitchen so that every ingredient usedin the process will be noted and observed. Ingredients like organic butter, freerange eggs, organic sugar, whole-wheat flour and all healthy ingredients can be used in the preparation of cakes. But also, we cannot disregardthe taste. Be sure that the taste will be excellent, and even far better thanthe taste of the cakes that are available in the stores. Making them at your home has someprivileges, while making even a double measure can be efficient because you will have cakefor future use. Also, making these cakes is not difficult and does not requirea great amount of time.


One of the greatest defenses between homemade cakes and the ones in the storeis the amount of sugar used. The ones in the store have significantly moresugar. Also, they probably have a variety of food additives and preservatives, which probably aren't the most appropriate items in your nutrition. A greatnumber of manufacturers use hydrogenated vegetable oil and trans fats, which arenot very healthy. Another important point is the economics. Making cake at yourhome will save you some money. But remember that not all recipes are good and healthy.Avoid frosting cakes or chocolate fudge ones; instead, select the best and mosthealthy ones. The healthiest ingredients a cake can have include pumpkins,vegetables, fruits and nuts. The use of mini fruit cakes is also advised. Theyare easy and quick to make and have dried fruits that are quite healthy. Beaware of the soft margarines. The hydrogenated vegetable oils are mostly foundin those economic margarines. Try to use those with sunflower or olive oils and besure to read the ingredients list before you buy something. Use of softenedbutter is an option. When making cake, always use reduce fat products. Do notuse butter but spreads based on olive oil. Fruit puree can be used as asubstitute for sugar and you can make them by stewing apricots, prunes or apples.This mix should be blended and used in the same amount as the sugar. Fat can besubstituted in the same manner. Remember that cakes are easy to make and can be long-lasting if made in greaterquantities. We advise to cut them in squares in order to last longer.

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