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Dieting is something essential for those people who suffer from obesity, a health problem associated with many medical issues that might be very dangerous to the body. Diabetes and heart problems are the major issues that might be created due to the years of living with extra weight.


Crash diets are used for reducing weight in a matter of weeks. Weight eliminated is relatively high, a lot of pounds can be lost, but that is not all fat, there is also excessive water loss, and in some cases, content of the colon that is eliminated with cleansing process (this is more and more included in diets today). The only problem here is with eating habits. Even though people do lose a lot of weight, when the diet is over, if those bad eating habits remain unchanged, the lost pounds will return eventually. This is why after a fast diet, a healthy and balanced diet is needed, Adiet that is not too strict but will continue the fat burning process, although it will be a lot more slowly.


Some would say that a South Beach diet plan is one of the most effective ones, because it contains both of the mentioned diet types. Fast diet followed with the balanced one is all that is necessary for effective weight reduction. Diets today include elements of detoxification. Recipes for detox diet must include some colon cleansing products and anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are excellent tools in a fight against toxins, especially free radicals. Free radicals can be very dangerous, especially for the brain and some other organs. For acquiring enough anti oxidants, certain tea brands, green tea for example, should be used. Also, acai berry is getting more and more popular because it contains huge amounts of anti oxidants. One recipe for detox diet would include maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, all mixed in water, and of course, a tea for cleansing. This recipe is a fast diet, which should be used for one week, perhaps ten days, but not more than that. This is because the difference in energy intake and energy needed is set at a high level and that might start reduction of protein mass too, along with the fat tissue.

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