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There are a lot of people who have problems to lose weight even though they exercise regularly. In some cases people have even gained weight instead of lost it. When that happens, a person will start to question and doubt him or herself. A person will even start to think that something is wrong with him or her. However, that person needs to know that he or she is not the first person who experienced such a situation and there are certain reasons why he or she gained weight while exercising instead of lost it.

Wrong choice of exercise

People need to know that not every exercise is good for losing weight. For instance, a person who strolls in the garden for some 45 minutes is not going to lose weight. That person should take the time 4 or 5 times per week and walk a decent pace for 45 minutes. The results will be obvious in just three weeks. The fitness level of the person will increase gradually and that is why the intensity of the exercises needs to be increased as well. A person should do exercises which include more muscle groups. Walking, yoga and dancing are excellent exercises.

Gaining of muscle mass

A lot of people who have just started exercising are bound to gain weight. The reason why that is so is because muscle mass has built up because of the exercise program. The fat that a person loses is being replaced by muscles. Muscles are heavier than fat and that is why a person will weigh more.

Eating extra calories

Most people stop caring about the amount of calories they intake when they start exercising. In such cases a person may end up taking more calories than his or her body can burn. Both exercises and diet plan are essential for weight loss. A person who intakes more calories needs to work out harder in order to burn those excessive calories.

Not eating sufficient calories

A lot of people tend to consume less food than their body requires in order to be functioning properly when they are on a weight loss diet plan. This should be avoided. When there are not enough calories, the body will slow down the rate of metabolism in order to save energy. That is when fat reserves increase and a person gains weight.

Underlying medical problem

In some cases a person cannot lose weight even though he or she works out properly and follows the right diet plan. In such cases a person probably suffers from some health problem. That is when a person should seek medical help. Stress can also prevent weight loss.

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