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Almost every person in the world has either heard or had problems with constipation and knows that there are lots of different health problems related to it. A lot of people wonder whether constipation and weight gain are also somehow connected and they need to know that they are.

Obesity and weight gain

Nowadays, obesity is one of the biggest health problems all over the world. Due to that fact, lots of people are looking for ways to lose weight and get their body into shape. This is why people should find out more about the weight gain causes, in order to be able to avoid them or prevent them. People should also know that weight gain occurs due to various physical and emotional conditions. In addition to these, lifestyle factors contribute to weight gain immensely. Depression and stress are also known to be important factors in weight gain. A person who lacks exercise and physical activity is definitely going to gain weight.

Does constipation cause weight gain?

First of all, people should know more about constipation. A person whose number of bowel movements in a period of one week is less than three is considered to be suffering from constipation. A person who suffers from constipation will suffer from hard stools. Constipation is known to cause painful and difficult defecation. Almost every person in the world will suffer from it at least once in his or her life. However, there are some people who experience recurring constipation. In these cases, constipation may be the cause of weight gain, along with some other health problems. However, experts are not 100% sure whether constipation is related to weight gain and the topic is heavily debated. A person who suffers from constipation will not easily get rid of waste or accumulated fecal matter. This is known to affect the metabolism which becomes slow and that leads to weight gain. The food that does not get eliminated will remain in the intestine and that adds weight. Water retention also leads to weight gain.

Factors related to constipation and weight gain

There are lots of factors that are related to constipation and weight gain. Constipation is known to occur due to various reasons like dehydration, problems in rectum or colon, consumption of certain medications, intestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, lack of physical activity and many more. In order to treat the condition it is essential that the actual cause is discovered. People need to know that there are ways to treat the condition. Prevention is also possible.

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