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Unfortunately, when it comes to antidepressants, the vast majority of people does not even know and is not aware of the fact that they have a strong tendency to make one add on pounds much faster than it is usually the case, which is why unwanted weight gain is one of those highly unwanted side-effects of an anti-depressant based therapy. This has become quite a serious issue due to the fact that in the most recent decades the use of prescription drugs for the purpose of treating such conditions as depression, as well as instances of seizures and numerous sleep related disorders and complications, increased to an extremely large extent.

Medication drivenweight-gain

Once a person begins his/her therapy based on anti-depressives, he/she could find him/herself suffering from two distinct weight increase varieties:

Returnof weight that was once shed as a direct consequence of anxiety or depression, which is even regarded as an upside and indicator of good health restored again.Additional weight added on prior to the beginning of anxiety and/or depression, which is considered to be quite a downside and a side-effect of a medication being taken as a part of the treatment therapy.

According to the results of a number of most recently performed research studies, those most frequent causes that underlie excessive weight buildups are the following:

evidentincrease in the person’s need for sweets,too-strong an appetite (possible direct consequences of blockage of histamine receptors),alterations in the manner in which the person’s body accumulates and stores fat (induced by the change in brain chemical balance in hypothalamus), improper burning of calories (direct consequence of too much inactivity and passivity),improvement in the underlying disorder which was responsible for the decrease in one’s body weight (e.g. depression).

Medications and weight gain

In order to avoid this side effect, what a person should do is the following:

Consult a doctor on this matter and inform about the possible benefits of performing a blood test, since this could serve as a tell tale sign of the effect of a lower dosage of the antidepressant the person takes.Come clean with all the concerns you have, consulting your doctor on those most beneficial and effective treatment alternatives.One should find an exercise program that suits him/her the best and adhere to it, on regular basis, of course.

To sum it all up, there are anti-depressives that are actually safe in terms of weight-gain, i.e. they do not initiate it. Another concern, however, is that they may not be quite as effective for treating depression as thought in the beginning. In this case, a person should consult his/her doctor on other more effectivealternatives.

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