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Weight gain diet plan

In order to gain weight, a person must do a couple of things. First thing is to make up one's mind on the amount weight he wants to gain. When a person decides to gain weight, he or she must have a proper diet in mind that includes sufficient nutrients made up of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Before starting the diet, a person needs to decide on a nutrient ratio. Some researches say that the best ratio is 40-40-20, while others insist that it is 40-30-30. As every person is different, some ratios will work better for some, while others will work better for others. However, everybody agrees that a person will have success in gaining weight and building up muscles as long he or she goes with a ratio that is within these ranges.

When a person decides to gain weight, it is time to pick a ratio. There are no rules, just some universal guidelines. For instance, if a person is physically active but wants to gain more muscle, he or she should go for the 25-55-20 or 30-50-20 diet. This is done in order to go high on carbohydrates so that they would address a person's energy needs. If a person is really thin and has failed in every attempt to gain weight, he or she should go for more protein and fat. In this case a 40-30-30 diet is recommended. On the other hand, if a person struggles with the body fat, he or she should start with a bigger percentage of protein. 40 to 50% are recommended. Also, those who try to gain weight in this way should not forget that these ratios are only the starting point. If they are not showing any results, they may be changed.

Amounts of Food

Studies agree on the fact that the amount of calories a person should intake is 15 times the body weight. Those who want to gain weight should intake even 18-20 times their body weight. Those with too much body fat should begin with 16-18 time their weight. People with fast metabolism will need to intake more than 20 times in order to gain weight faster.

An essential part of this process is the proper tracking of weight gain program. People must make sure that it is having a desired effect on their physique. Weighting the body is not enough, a person must use body tape measurements and body fat percentages as well. These precautions are made in order so that the body goes in the wanted direction.

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