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We all know theimportance of a good breakfast and the strength it carries. It does not onlyequip our metabolism with all the essentials it needs to get through the day,but it boosts our endurance and energy levels, as well as sky rockets our overallconcentration and productivity.

Energetic mornings

When it comes to themost beneficial breakfast, people should attempt to keep it between 300 to 500calories tops, for this provides the proper amount of calories, certaincarbohydrates that are not burnt away all that quickly, and last but not theleast, your breakfast should contain a minimum of 2 to 5 g of dietary fiber. Giventhe fact that carbohydrates mean energy, it is essential to supply yourmetabolism with a proper amount of them, which will enable you to run all daylong without any difficulty. In addition, a moderate quantity of those healthyfats is also going to do you a world of good when it comes to keeping thosestomach rumblings at bay.

Tips and tricks

In order to make thething a bit easier, in continuation one can find a list of breakfastsuggestions that are surely to make your rise-and-shine part of the day a realtreat.

Suggestion No. 1 –Invigorating oatmeal – all a person needs is one third of a cup of oatmealmixed with water. Next step is to cook it and once this done, one tablespoon ofnut butter (natural) is to be added to “spice” it up in terms of savoriness. Timerequired for preparation is approximately four minutes.

Suggestion No. 2 – Chocolatecraver's smoothie – an excellent sweet kick start to one’s day. In order to takein that healthiest amount of proteins, a person needs to mix one scoop ofchocolate protein powder, milk (half a cup), natural yoghurt (half a cup),banana (one) and a single spoon of all natural nut butter. Time required toprepare this, under-350-calories treat is less than 3 minutes and you willprovide your body with enough of proteins, fats and the needed amount ofcarbohydrates as well.

Suggestion No. 3 –Egg white omelet – with a bit of practice, this can be another quick breakfastbooster. One of the ways to keep it quick is to prepare all the ingredients anight before – red peppers, onions, mushroom and other vegetables of yourchoice. Eggs, as such, are an excellent breakfast food and as mentioned above,once you learn the robes, it will take you no more than 4 minutes to treat youand your metabolism with one.

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