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Healthy nutritious breakfast is something each of us needs for a good start of the day. Sadly, most of us start a day with coffee and rushing to a stressful job. Still, it must not be forgotten that healthy meals can make going through a day much easier.


Counting calories is not the only thing that needs to be regarded when it comes to making a healthy nutritious breakfast and other meals, too. It might be smart to include orange or grapefruit, because those fruit can soak up all the acidic material that builds up in the stomach over night, and they also contain large quantities of vitamin C, something our organism also needs.

Healthy nutritious breakfast should also include a lot of carbohydrates and proteins for gaining a lot of energy that is needed for both, mental and physical exertion. Cereals are excellent choice for this, and since there are many different types available, the healthiest type refers to cereals that have spent least time in refining process, so that the nutrients are fresh and effective. Number of calories should not be exact; only if a person is applying some diet, weight of food should be measured, otherwise, just eating as much as needed is enough.

Breakfast should also include fluids for easier digestion, it would be best if it is water, but juices are also allowed provided they are made from freshly squeezed fruit. Other alternatives are far less healthy.

When making a breakfast, it is also easy to prepare something for a light snack, so that hunger between breakfast and lunch is satisfied. Of course, that should be fruit (rich with good calories) and also nothing big, nothing that will be hard for a stomach to process, especially, if a person is working at that time.


Many will say that good and healthy nutritious breakfast is the most important meal in a day and that all other meals should be lighter, with fewer calories. It is also proven that skipping breakfast will make a person less productive, exhaustion and tiredness come easily, and hunger makes us eat a lot for lunch and dinner. Some even skip lunch and when dinner comes, large quantities are eaten, which is far from healthy, even if everything eaten is healthy. Intake of high value of calories before sleep is simply not good for the stomach and metabolism. This emphasizes even more the importance of a healthy nutritious breakfast.

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