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Throughout the teenage years, one’s body is still developing and therefore needs an adequate amount of nourishment. Average quantity of calories that a teen needs is approximately 2000 calories. For teenage girls, who are prone to unhealthy diets, it is essential to obtain calories from healthy food rather than the junk food.

Complex Carbohydrates

A teenage girl must take carbohydrates from brown rice, whole grain bread, muesli and bran. These carbohydrates need a lot more time to decompose into glucose and considering that, they deliver enough energy for the whole day. Therefore, diets that work fast for girls need to include complex carbohydrates, most important at breakfast so that they can stay energetic during the day.Proteins

A good teenager’s diet ought to incorporate some good protein nourishments such as boiled eggs, fish, lean meat, broccoli, beans, cheese and spinach. Proteins supply the body with amino acids, which are considered the building blocks and hence are very significant for a developing teenager.


Rather than going on a crash weightless diet, a teenage girl must incorporate lots of fiber rich foods like blackberries, apple, prunes, baked beans, papaya, broccoli, zucchini and lentil plants in her diet. Not only that fiber helps in appropriate digestion of food but in addition, it makes a person feel full, thereby lowering the overall food consumption. Fiber nutrition includes indigestible carbohydrates and carries the unwanted fats and wastes along when leaving the body. Fruits and Vegetables

If possible, a teenager's breakfast is supposed to be made of foods that contain carbohydrates, dairy products and healthy fats. Lunch must contain foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and dinner must contain carbohydrates. With all these meals, a teenager should eat adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and veggies have to form the great portion of the healthy diet, accompanied by the complex carbohydrates and the protein rich food.Calcium

These diets must include calcium rich foods such as yogurt, cheese and low fat milk. Calcium aids in structuring healthy bones and teeth and can be very helpful if incorporated in the diet of a teenager. Milk is a source of vitamins B12 and A, and consuming milk everyday can benefit the teenager's eyesight.

Foods to Avoid

The previously named food groups are an irreplaceable part of the healthy diets for growing teenagers. A teenager ought to be careful about what to eat and what not to eat. Therefore, some of the nourishments that are supposed to be avoided are butter, sugary foods, fried food, sodas, cakes, etc.

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