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Healthy breakfast ideas for diabetics

Most people agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People with diabetes should pay more attention to it, those with type 2 in particular. If they skip it, they might have even bigger problems with the regulation of their blood glucose level. There are a couple of reasons why this happens.

If missing breakfast becomes a routine, people with diabetes will have an increased insulin response in the body. This will cause the fat storage to heighten thus resulting in gaining more pounds. It is important to have breakfast because energy stores are emptied during the sleep. Those who do eat breakfast will not end up eating any sort of junk food they can get their hands on by mid-morning. People with diabetes should try and stick with their meal plan. If they skip a meal, their endocrine system must somehow keep the blood glucose level steady with even less tools. It is important for people with diabetes to make sure that they do not end up eating breakfast that has lots of calories and carbohydrate-dense foods.

Breakfast meals for diabetics on the go

Even though many people nowadays do not take the time to sit down and have a proper breakfast, there are solutions. One of them is eating a tortilla filled with fruit. Since tortilla has 15 grams of carbohydrates and dairy or fruit 30 to 45 carbohydrates, this is not a heavy breakfast.

Diabetic breakfast smoothies

Another good tip for people with diabetes is to prepare the food and put it in the blender, so it is ready to blend when they wake up. Since low-fat dairy products have plenty of protein and carbohydrates, they are an excellent choice for lots of smoothie recipes. If people want to cut down on the carbohydrates even more, yogurt can be replaced with silken tofu or peanut butter. Bananas are a good choice as well, because they provide natural sweetness.

Sit-down diabetic breakfast meals

Many nutritionists agrees that the best option is for people, and not only those with diabetes, to make an adjustment in their life and sit down for breakfast as often as possible.

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