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The immediate connection or just a fad?

When it comes to this variety of vitamins, it is quite often heard and also claimed that they, in some way, have the potential and even the ability to facilitate and initiate the growth of hair in those places where it seized to be present long ago. Evidence that goes in favor of this claim is that a number of pregnant women, if not the greatest majority of them, have their hair grow up much more rapidly than it is usually the case. However, even despite the fact that this growth of hair is in a way extremely rapid, once a woman gives birth to her child, all things come back to where they were prior to conception and pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins

These vitamins are known to abound in various nutrients that play quite an important role in the sense that they promote the growth of hair extensively. But vitamins are not the only contributors to the hair-growth process.

Namely once the woman sets on a childbearing and childbirth journey, it is known that her body begins to produce much more hormones, i.e. estrogen, than is the case under normal circumstances. The hormone in question in a way locks the hair into the growth stage. As pointed out above, once the child comes to the world, this hormonal imbalance slowly returns to its normal state and thus the potential for hair growth gradually decreases.


When it comes to the growth process as such, it must be emphasized that it does not occur all at once but is equally divided into three categories or groups. Namely, we have growing, resting and in the end, it comes to shedding. What is fascinating is that every follicle (all 100.000 of them), no exceptions whatsoever, goes through these three phases. Another also quite fascinating fact is that approximately 90% of our hair, at any moment, is actually in that growth phase. The above-mentioned phases are not only genetic in nature but are also variable in terms of time needed for them to fully develop.

The vitamins in question are most of all extremely appreciated for the number of health benefits they produce, which are most beneficial not only for the mother, but for the unborn child as well. In addition, they are known to have the potential to also cure various diseases, aid vital organs in proper development, etc.

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