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Even though many would not even think in that direction, the tea made from the red raspberry and one of the happiest periods of a woman’s life, i.e. pregnancy, are sharing a very tight bond. Namely, quite a number of issues that a woman has to confront, be it prior or during the pregnancy, are potentially related to this particular variety of tea – fertility, miscarriage and even inducing labor.

Background information

This variety of tea is known to be brewed from the leaf of a red raspberry fruit. What is, perhaps, not that well known is that this leaf abounds in minerals and vitamins, but its benefits do not stop here. It is also fairly rich in tannins as well, which is the underlying reason why this leaf is so eagerly employed in medicine in a great variety of cases.

Tea plus sides

As mentioned above, the raspberry leaf is extremely health beneficial and following that trajectory, so is the tea made from it. The most important health benefits of the raspberry tea are as follows:

Leaves from red raspberry tea hold great potential and are known to be quite helpful and effective when it comes to aiding in the treatment of numerous illnesses such as the flu, diarrhea, abdominal area discomfort, as well as in alleviating fever, gum disease, hangover, vomiting, menstrual issues, rubella and various inflammations that can befall a person.The leaves in question are also considered as a quite effective mouth wash “tool”, since they are quite effective when it comes to battling off mouth ulcers, mouth sores and mouth inflammationWhen it comes to the person’s skin, they have the potential to influence our skin in such a way that it becomes tighter and thus rejuvenated.Aside from the above-mentioned skin potential, leaves are also employed in warding off of acne and similar skin related conditions.Another great potential lies in the fact that these leaves are extremely effective in lowering the levels of sugar in a person’s blood, therefore alleviating diabetes.Dehydration prevention is yet another important benefit that needs to be emphasized.

Pregnancy and the tea

As implied at the beginning of the text, tea made from red raspberry (i.e. its leaves) is considered more than beneficial when it comes to the overall health of pregnant women. One of the most important properties is the potential to aid a woman trying to conceive. And it is often said that this particular variety of tea and fertility are inseparable companions. Its effectiveness also rests on the fact that it contains fragrine (extremely strong alkaloid) that is responsible for pelvic and uterus muscles toning, as well as for the lengthening of the luteal phase. In addition, raspberries are known to abound in vitamins A, C and E, iron, calcium, as well as in vitamin B complex. Alongside are also found minerals such as phosphorus and potassium. Also, the tea in question is the first that women turn to when constipation during pregnancy occurs. If combined together with the red clover and consumed regularly, it is known to have an immense potential to increase fertility in women, and men likewise.

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