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Healthy eating during a pregnancy is a must. Never substitute a healthy dietary regime with just supplemental vitamins, especially if you want to conceive or you are already pregnant. You need to provide proper amounts of folic acid, calcium and iron for the child you are carrying. Also, if you want to get pregnant, many doctors will advise using prenatal vitamins, in order to provide sufficient amount of folic acid, proven to increase your chances to become pregnant. About 0.4mg of folic acid every day is recommended amount of this important substance (also known as vitamin B9).

Normally, you will find plenty of folic acid in orange juice, some enriched grains and green leafy vegetables. But, if you for some reason you aren't getting the recommended daily dose , your doctors might easily recommend using some chewable prenatal vitamins, containing folic acid.

Chewable prenatal vitamins can add some of the nutrients, essential for the maternity period. They should be used to provide nutrients important for the growth and development of the fetus, especially for the growth of the nervous system, heart, bones and teeth. Of course, these additional vitamins will compensate the lack of vitamins in expecting mom.

Why Choosing Prenatal Vitamins

Many women can’t take regular prenatal vitamin tablets, since they are too big and uncomfortable to swallow. Additionally, women experiencing morning sickness can’t take tablets and they usually opt for chewable prenatal vitamins. There are also some prenatal vitamins available as tonics or powders, also recommended for women who can’t take prenatal tablets.

The common ingredients of chewable prenatal vitamins are folic acid, iron, calcium and some other essential vitamins.

By using these vitamins, you will significantly reduce the chances with spinal column of the fetus, some neural tube defects, such as encephalocele, anencephaly, but also protect the expecting mother (yourself) from anemia (caused by the lack of iron) or some other diseases.

Potential Health Problems

Before starting to use prenatal vitamins always consult your doctor. This is very important, because your physician will know what is suitable for your condition and be able to prescribe and recommend proper and trustworthy prenatal vitamins. Some of the best products available at the market are Prenate Elite, Obegyn, Prenate Advance, NataChew, and Natafort chewable prenatal vitamins.

You should be aware that there are many natural or organic supplements on the market, which are not recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These might not be the best supplements there are, since they could potentially contain some substances harmful for you or for your unborn child. Too much vitamin A, for instance, is proven to cause birth defects. Because of that you must be very careful what you are using and always watch carefully not to overstep your doctor’s recommendation regarding the vitamin dosage.

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