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Indications are thatthis urge or need to bereave oneself of the superfluous or dark hair firstbecomes evident as far back as in the adolescence period and in many cases, it lastfor quite some time, even for the rest of the person’s life. No matter wherethey appear, quite a number of women, and in the recent future a growing numberof men, are determined to get rid of them at all cost, leaving only thosenecessary ones visible, that being the hair on one’s head. As many peoplealready know, available today is quite a number of methods and techniques thatguarantee the removal of excessive hair for a significant period of time, butonly a couple of those guarantee a once-and-for-all hair removal. When it comesto making a decision and opting for the one method that would give bestresults, a person should always have in mind such things as her/his type ofskin, overall price of the product or hair removal procedure, areas that areto be bereaved of hair and time at one’s hand.

Understanding makesthe difference

Grasping the naturebehind the entire hair growth process is certainly the most important way ofdiscovering the effective ways that will enable a person to stop the growth forgood. The entire cycle of hair growth and hair shedding consists of three phasescontinuous in nature. The growth phase is known as the anagen phase; the phaseof transition is known as the catagen and the phase of rest goes by the nameof thetelogen. Each of these phases determines the prevailing characteristicsof the hair. For example, hair in the initial phase is most sensitive and mostprone to damage, in comparison to the hair in the last phase, which is fullyformed and strong.

Methods andtechniques

Bleaching is not regarded as amethod for hair removal, but is one way to make those annoying hairs less visible toa much greater degree. This method comes particularly handy in the case ofhairs located on the arms, neck or the person’s face, and is done by means ofchemical application on the spot that is in need of bleaching

Shaving, though certainly one of themost employed methods, it is also the one lasting the least and isperformed by application of a skin moisturizer or cream that is followed byshaving.Physical removal is performed by theremoval of hair out of its follicle and is also probably the cheapest one.Another advantage is that the hair itself takes quite some time to grow backagain, which is exactly what a person needs. There are also two distinct waysof removal at one’s disposal, i.e. plucking and waxing, enabling a person toopt for the one most appropriate and pleasant.

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