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Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

This vitamin, commonly referred to as PABA, is one of the lesser-known vitamins in the B complex family, and it has been shown as a goof way to fight off gray hairs.

Tests were done on black-haired animals that were not given PABA in their diets. They developed gray hairs, but the hair turned back to black after the vitamin was introduced.

In a similar test with humans, there was a 70% chance of the original hair color returning.

PABA combined with folic acid keeps the hair its original color, according to research.

A lack of PABA, Biotin, Folic Acid and Pantohenic acid affect hair color, according to the research.


This is another B vitamin group member. In test with animals, it should that a diet lacking inositol produces baldness, but that the hair grew back once the inositol was reintroduced in the diet.

The experiments show that men need more of it than females. A diet lacking the vitamin can also lead to eczema, which is a form of skin irritation.

Inositol also decreases the amount of cholesterol present in the blood.


Often referred to as vitamin H, it is also in the vitamin B group. It is a proven hair growth vitamin and it also prevents excessive hair loss. The vitamin appears to metabolize fatty acids, which are valuable to the growth factor of the hair, among other things.

It will also help in keeping the original color of the hair.

This vitamin is found in egg yolks, as well as in liver, milk, yeast, and kidneys.

Men who are balding usually find out that Biotin can help to keep their hair for a longer period of time, for what it’s worth.


It was shown in laboratory tests on animals that zinc will improve hair growth and that a lack of zinc could lead to losing hair. The hair protein structure also changes significantly when the diet is void of zinc.

It has been shown in men that a severe zinc deficiency can lead to baldness and scalp problems, and that these problems can be reverses if the zinc is reintroduced to the diet.

Zinc has also been shown to stop the process of he hair turning gray.

Zinc can be depleted from the body when a person is under a lot of stress. Though it is not related to the hair, zinc is also an aphrodisiac.

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